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Her er en liste over alle eksperter. Vores eksperter har vist deres unikke bettingviden over en længere periode og vi har kun udvalgt de aller bedste, til at blive eksperter hos findyourbettingtips. Hvis du abonnerer på en ekspert, kan du se alle de unikke betting tips fra netop den ekspert. Husk at alle eksperter tilbyder en gratis 3-dags prøveperiode.

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Betting algoritme
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Michael betting
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If you're looking for the best betting tips on the web, then look no further. Here at you'll find loads of betting predictions and betting tip suggestions every day from the world's most trusted expert betting tips site.

At you'll mainly find betting tips on football but sometimes tips on basketball, tennis, handball and American football will be posted as well.
On this page you have an overview of the most competent betting tipsters on the market. This betting site is updated every day with new betting tips from trustworthy expert tipsters.


Sports betting is a fun way to experience extra excitement when following games as matches from the English Premier League when you sit back on your sofa.

Placing bets used to only be possible in your local kiosk or supermarket but the sports betting industry has really had a crazy development the past 20 years. Today, thousands of bookies operate around the world offering odds and markets for you to bet on.

Players like yourself are benefiting from this increased competition in the betting industry, which has resulted in higher odds, a wider range of games with an ever-increasing variety of game types, as well as masses of betting bonus offers and promotions for both new and existing customers.

The Increased competition in the betting industry has also improved the opportunities for bettors to make a profit - mainly due to higher odds and payback percentages. However, it is still not straightforward, as you obviously cannot master the difficult discipline of finding value bets overnight. Unfortunately, many amatour tipsters will experience losing money when betting at the bookies because of the lack of sport and odds knowledge. Fortunately, if you are a tipster and you typically lose money, you are not alone in this. Here at Findyourbettingtips we have tried to solve this problem. That is why we have hired the best betting experts you can find on the internet. Our expert betting tipsters have at least 10 years of betting experience each and know all the beginner mistakes when placing bets for you to avoid. We created this betting service for you to actually make money betting.

Betting suggestions - why you can trust

We've listed some points that we believe are our tipster sites greatest strengths regarding our betting predictions. Our experts always make a competent and objective betting assessment for each betting tip.

We only hire (and actually pay for) the best experts to make betting predictions for us. You can be sure that all our betting experts have proven that they know what they're doing. Plus, you can always check their stats once you've clicked into their profile page and see previous odds tips.

Our experts know most betting sites inside out. This means that they know the bookmakers' benefits and weaknesses. They know which bookmaker offers odds on the different kinds of games. There are a lot of betting options today, but not all betting providers have quite the same betting options. Because we here at Findyourbettingtips know the market so well, we are in the best position to find the best betting predictions for you. has grown to be one of the largest tipster sites, run by full-time staff. We don't do this for fun or as a hobby. Of course, betting and making predictions should be fun too, but we get up every morning with the goal of making the site better with the best possible betting tips. has been around for years now. That means we have enough courage to say that we are very experienced in the betting industry with everything that entails: odds predictions, betting tips, analysis, know-how, odds provider reviews and more.

BETTING ANALYSIS AND QUALITY BETS have had thousands of users subscribing to the different experts and similar for all users is that everybody improved their betting income. is all about betting transparency which is why we want to be honest with you of course. The reason our experts are great at making betting profits is that they allow themselves hours of work everyday to analyze the very best bets. If you have placed bets for many years, you know how difficult it is to make profit in the long-term. It requires a lot of work and a focused betting strategy, but it is not impossible to do on your own. If you have the hours it takes to analyse bets everyday, you may not have to subscribe to our betting experts.

But, if you don’t wanna spend too much energy and hours figuring out what to bet, we recommend you to subscribe to our competent betting tipsters. As already mentioned, finding real value bets requires tons of work which is why we set up our betting site for you to pay a small amount to support the expert. We understand it can be weird to pay for a betting service that you haven’t even tried out yet which is why we always offer a 3-day free trial on each betting expert. In fact, for the past 6 months we calculated that 84% of new subscribers actually made at least the same profit during the 3 days, as the monthly expert cost.

You have nothing to lose and we only see our betting service as a win/win solution. When our experts win, you win. And that is the reason why we would like you to consider joining the Findyourbettingtips community by subscribing to one or more Betting experts.


At we offer regular betting experts that put in the hard work. But other than that, we have also developed an advanced betting algorithm that calculates factors around a game and the different odds to find value bets. The Betting algorithm is created to calculate mathematical factors automatically that typically would require too much for the human brain. The reason we have been able to develop this advanced betting AI is that Findyourbettingtips pays for sports data every month from the sports data provider Enetpulse.

Some of the unique factors the betting AI calculates is the overall number of goals for the team(s), H2H number of goals - also depending on the previous squad. The season and league/tournament. Previous numbers of corners that also are calculated with the opponents previously allowed corners and much more.

Even though sports betting is not only math, you can get a very nice advantage using and subscribing to this algorithm because the previous numbers never lie. Often we see value bets from the AI that a regular bettor never would’ve considered.

Both our betting algorithm and betting experts use the same bookmakers. Although there are many great bookies out there, our sports betting tipsters focus their bets on these three well-known bookmakers: Bet365, Bwin and Leovegas.

These three bookies can be used in many different countries and our betting experts have had the best all-time experience with their odds, markets, service and more.

If you don’t already have bookmaker accounts at these three bookmakers, we recommend you to open accounts on all three. In that case you will never miss a bet, the value of odds or similar.

Football tips is highly prioritised

Football odds and football betting are the main focus at is a sports betting site that has been dealing with football tips and football betting for more than three years. Our betting experts don't ignore other sports but football is very much our focus, which is why you can always count on us to offer a serious and varied offering on the world's most popular sport.

Get football tips every day at the world’s greatest tipster site.

We cover the Danish Superliga, Premier League, Bundesliga, La Liga and Serie A have also been given a boost in coverage - as well as keeping a naturally big focus on the European Champions League and Europa League cup competitions. On an ongoing basis, you'll also find our experts providing football betting tips from the lower tournaments like Ligue 1, The Championship, the lower German ranks, etc.
The key is where the value is!

Every day our betting experts scan the market to find the best quality betting predictions that you can easily copy to beat the bookmakers.

We are very excited to welcome you on board! Feel free to contact us anytime if you have questions or feedback.

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